You Are Never, Ever, Ever Gonna Believe Taylor’s New Single

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is a woman of great feats. She’s sold out football stadiums all over this country and arenas spanning the globe. She’s taken country by storm with her self-titled album and broken through the moody rock barrier with “Eyes Open.” She’s completely transcended industry labels without losing a fan along the way, as artists who are perceived to be “sell outs” often do. And now, with the advent of her latest single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor has mastered the art of the pop song.

Last night, in a webcast (attended by more than 70,000 fans), Taylor revealed the release date (October 22, 2012) and title (Red) of her next album. She also debuted her new single, which has already hit #1 on iTunes.

“We Are Never” starts with clipped acoustic guitar and, as her vocals tune in, a heavy back beat swells. Right off the bat, the song sounds different. It isn’t country. It isn’t rock. It’s a well-crafted pop song. A “Call Me Maybe” with true staying power.

Taylor’s personality shines through the lyrics. She peppers the song with “like, ever” and nearly raps the stanzas, so quick is her locution. By the time the chorus locks in, you’re hooked. And the chorus sings:

We are never ever ever

Getting back together

We are never ever ever

Getting back together

You go talk to your friends

Talk to my friends, talk to me

But we are never ever ever

Getting back together

(Like, ever)

After hearing the chorus the first time, you’re ready to sing along when it comes back for a second and third appearance.

The true Taylor is especially revealed during the second stanza:

I’m really gonna miss you picking fights, and me

Falling for it, screaming that I’m right, and you

Would hide away and find your piece of mind, with some

Indie record that’s much cooler than mine.

At the bridge, she lulls you in with a sweet lullaby-like line and then promptly switches to her speaking voice to say, “So he calls me up and he’s like, I still love you, and, I’m like, I’m just, this is exhausting, you know, we are never getting back together. Like ever.”

The song primes you for hand waving and foot tapping as the lyrics whisk by with intentional middle school-esque hyperbole.

It’s the perfect pop song and I can’t wait to see it climb up the Billboard chart.


Dylan Prime

I’m not one for steakhouses, but Dylan Prime has been on my mind for some time. Luckily, My Dining Partner (MDP) purchased a Living Social deal for $100 of food and drink at Dylan Prime, which gave me an excuse to finally try it.

Situated way down in Tribeca, in one of the busiest middles of nowhere, Dylan Prime is easy to miss. No ostentatious sign greets the visitor. Just an imprint of “Dylan Prime” on the window. That’s how you know you’ve arrived.

We sat cozily in a half-moon shaped booth. The place was near empty at first, causing me to worry slightly about the quality of dining experience I was about to have.

So, what did we get to eat? Well, as much as possible, it seemed.

First, we ordered the heirloom tomato salad with cilantro syrup and watermelon. This was just okay–the tomatoes lacked the punchy flavor of signature heirlooms and the watermelon addition, while refreshing, seemed unnecessary.

I ordered the 11 oz. filet, with truffled lobster macaroni and cheese as an “accessory” as they call their side dishes. The meat was perfectly cooked (medium) and the mac and cheese was to-die-for. I’ve never had such delicious mac and cheese–in my life! Wow. Succulent pieces of lobster found their way into nearly every bite of the savory dish. Delish!

MDP ordered a 12 oz. New York Strip steak, which looked delicious, and fries on the side–very good.

For dessert, we ordered the fudge brownie sundae which comes with bourbon caramel sauce and fried bananas. The brownie itself was dense and fudgey, and all too decadent. I didn’t care for the bananas, but enjoyed the accompanying sauce.

Would I go back to Dylan Prime? In a heart beat. After all, it’s right by where MDP works and it’s guaranteed you’ll get a table given its location in virtual oblivion. And the service was great! But I ‘d probably like to have a coupon of sorts, since Dylan Prime’s prices are on the high side.

Dylan Prime

62 Laight Street

New York, NY

Take the 1 to Canal Street, walk left onto Hudson and right onto Laight.