Bliss 46, Sunnyside

When was the last time you had French food in New York? A long time ago. if ever, perhaps. Well, don’t waste another minute–go to Bliss 46, a new French bistro, to satisfy your craving for escargots.

Located on 46th Street, just around the corner from Queens Boulevard, Bliss 46 offers an elegant ambiance and traditional French cuisine.

My dining partner and I thought we’d try Bliss 46 since it just opened on Thanksgiving Day. The chef, Esteban Rojas, once worked at Bliss Bistro, a now defunct French restaurant on Skillman Avenue. Though Bliss Bistro was an unsuccessful venture, Mr. Rojas believes there’s a place for French food in Sunnyside. I hope he’s right.

To start, we ordered the gratinee French onion soup and a small plate of mushroom ravioli. The gratinee was stellar, its gruyere ceiling oozing over the sides of the bowl. The mushroom ravioli were equally impressive, accompanied by a rich sauce and chopped mushrooms in the center of the dish.

For my entree, I ordered the traditional Coq Au Vin, which was fantastic. A stew made with red wine, the chicken was so tender it literally fell off the bones. This dish came with mashed potatoes, which were largely bland, but the texture was right.

My dining partner ordered a duck dish that came with a side of a mixture of potatoes, corn, and bacon. He offered me a sliver of the duck, and I was blown away.

For dessert, we opted for the apple tart, which arrived with delicious vanilla ice cream. Using thinly sliced scalloped apples, the tart featured a thick crust that nicely complemented the real-apple-tasting innards.

I highly recommend Bliss 46. The servers are prompt and accommodating. The only disadvantage Bliss 46 may have is its location off Queens Boulevard. While we dined, I noticed a number of people stopping to look at Bliss 46’s menu. I hope they return.

Bliss 46

43-46 46th Street

Sunnyside, NY

Take the 7 to 46th Street.


Bliss Bistro::Sunnyside, Queens


Gesturing to the street sign–46th Street/Bliss–Furry said, “Places around here get a lot of mileage out of that.”

Bliss, my friend, is the that Furry speaks of.

He’s right. They do. Nail shops, fruit stands, bars, Starbucks even (well, if they could, they would). Businesses assure us of their overwhelming bliss-filled essence. And we believe them. (We shouldn’t.)

Bliss Bistro, located on the corner of 46th and Skillman, capitalizes even more on the euphoric-sounding modifier. The restaurant’s name is written in luxurious script on the cream-and-green facade. On top of it, Bliss Bistro is French. How utterly blissful!

Don’t lose yourself in this Sunnyside reverie. The bliss stops here.

It’s a Love Story

I ordered Filet Saumon ($15?): a generous cut of delicate salmon over a ladleful of indifferently spiced lentils and grilled seasonal vegetables. The salmon nicely complemented my lentils. A light meal–exactly what I was hoping for after a week of heavy, mystery meals.

Furry tried their Coq au vin ($13), a sunken dish filled with a tender stew: red wine chicken, mashed potatoes, bacon, and mushrooms in hearty gravy. He wasn’t impressed; not bliss impressed anyway. I found it interesting. Bacon’s inclusion in any meal always grabs me by the taste buds and forces me to slow down to allow the melting fatness to fill me. (Don’t deny it. You’re hungry right now.)

Waitstaff was total Love Story: attentive, nice, prompt.

Another Menu to Burn

Taking advantage of a dry night, we sat in the restaurant’s garden. Bliss Bistro’s interior is moodily lit by candles and waning sunlight through windows. Round tables with lawn furniture lined the fenced-in patio. The smell of burning Citronella wafted over our table, chairs. This is lovely, I thought, as I raised my Blue Moon to the clear blue sky.

And then the mosquitoes landed. Furry took several hits on his arms, while I walked away with only one bite. “Isn’t Queens supposed to be better about mosquitoes?” Furry asked rhetorically. Agreed. Isn’t it the pigs we have to worry about in Queens?

We rushed out of there. Without dessert. What’s up with the mosquito infestation, Bliss Bistro?

Also, a table behind us featured two older ladies discussing important topics (sounded like health care, could have been knitting club) while slamming back Cosmopolitans and other lady-like drinks. So, I’m not sure who their clientele is, but I’m concerned about joining their regular crowd.

Tied Together With (or Without) a Smile

Should you persuade me to try Bliss Bistro again, I’d opt for indoor seating and brunch, perhaps. I’m always fond of bistro brunches–Balthazar among the very most bliss-filled.

I can handle mediocre food, but I prefer to eat and not be eaten during dinner.

Bliss Bistro
4520 Skillman (at 46th Street)
Sunnyside, Queens
46th Street stop on 7 train