Turkish Pide Bread

Have you had this stuff?

I won’t blame you if you haven’t. I’m lucky enough to live two blocks away from a fantastic Turkish restaurant, where pide is generously doled out. (With hummus! To die for!)

Otherwise known as Turkish flat bread (or pita, to some), pide’s best feature is its soft, rippled texture. It possesses the versatility of a well-crafted tortilla. Mop up extra virgin olive oil, babaganoush, and any edible semi-liquid substance you can get your hands on.

So, where’d I get this from? On a nearby corner, there’s a little store called Old Castle Farm. I typically refer to this establishment as Vegetable, as it is a purveyor of, you guessed it, vegetables. Don’t be mistaken — they sell fruit, too, but I dislike Fruit and loathe Produce, so Vegetable it is. In addition to produce, Vegetable sells a handsome array of cheeses, Greek sweets, and breads, including pide.

Check out the scrumptious air pockets!

If your neighborhood lacks Vegetable and Fruits, you can make your own pide. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe from Epicurean.com. I might try it out … or I’ll stick to my trusted pide supplier.



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