Hair We Are: Groupon-tacular

I’m not the type of gal who pampers herself with frequent spa treatments. In fact, I’ve only had three mani-pedis in my lifetime and have never had my eyebrows done. (How could a city-dwelling twenty-something avoid such rites of passage? Easily. I don’t wear make up either.) When Groupon informed me that there was a deal at a salon in my ‘hood, I viewed it as an opportunity for me to grow up a bit and become a real New York lady. (Sarcastic overtones.)

The deal included a mani-pedi, facial, eyebrow threading, and a five-minute massage (which I skipped) for $20. The salon is called Hair We Are (clever!), located one block from the 46th Street-Bliss subway stop in Sunnyside. It’s small and unassuming, squeezed between an out-of-place chic restaurant and a UPS store.

We started with the manicure, which felt out of order. Shouldn’t I get the pedicure first? I wondered. (Then again, what do I know.) My nail lady seemed distracted. She kept looking away, her eyes darting toward the door every few seconds. What could possibly be so interesting over there? Are my nails not enough for her? I selected a light pink for my nails, to which she said, “It’s light, no?” (Yes, yes it is.)

Onto the pedicure. Again, distraction. She sped through filing and sanding my toenails and squirted a green, textured liquid onto my feet, rubbed hard. It felt good, I guess, and my toes looked great.

Next, we moved onto the eyebrow threading and facial portion of the spa extravaganza. I sat in a chair leaned way back; I was suspended in air. The eyebrow lady came at me with thick white thread and went to town on my ‘brows. I have no idea what she was doing, but it was quick and mildly painful, and I ended up with nicely shaped eyebrows.

I wasn’t crazy about the facial. She put some cream on my face and let the steam wash over me for about ten minutes. Then, she rubbed that off and showed me all of my blackheads. She applied a mask, which hardened on my face for another ten minutes, and washed that off. I was done–thank goodness–and feeling less than refreshed. It wasn’t her fault. I just don’t like facials.

When all was said and done, I appreciated the services provided by Hair We Are.  I might return for eyebrow threading ($5 – what a steal!)–I recommend this to any neighbor of mine.


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