Luke’s Lobster: Crab Roll

You may recall that I’ve already reviewed Luke’s Lobster (twice, to be exact). However, I didn’t try the crab roll last time around. It is, in a word, outstanding.

luke's lobster pound crab roll

crab roll

Succulent chunks of crab are piled high atop a generously buttered split-top roll. Luke’s lightly dresses its seafood salads; so lightly that the dressing is barely perceptible. (Is it really there at all? If not, what holds the salad together? Magic?)

My dining partner asked, “Which do you like better: lobster roll or crab roll?” “They’re equally good,” I replied. Next time you intend to go to Luke’s, bring a friend and split a crab roll in addition to your lobster Schooner.



  1. Shion · July 18, 2011

    Must try the crab roll next time!!!

    • mmmcupcake · July 18, 2011

      it is to die for! you won’t be sorry. let’s split one next time we go.

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