Nodus: Noodles galore

Nodus is poised to revolutionize the Thai noodle experience–or so we’re led to believe. In the Sunnyside Post, the owner of Nodus explains that his restaurant offers a glimpse into Thai food beyond Pad Thai. “We want to focus on Thai noodles both broth and without broth,” he said. A novel approach…

Nodus, which is the Latin root for noodle, is squeezed between two forgettable stores and seats about 40 people. Its dark interior sets a certain mood that may impress some, but its food falls slightly short of expectations.

I ordered the Drunken Mama (charming name, for sure), which is a house take on Drunken Noodles with Asian angel hair (?) instead of the usual flat, wide noodles. I wish I had known about the angel hair; I would have stuck with the original Drunken Noodles, which happens to be my favorite Thai noodle dish.

nodus drunken mama

drunken mama

As you can see, the portion size isn’t generous. What you can’t see is that the noodles were too salty. I don’t want to judge Nodus harshly–they’ve only been open for three days. But! There’s definitely room for improvement here.

My dining partner ordered a big bowl of noodles with duck. His portion size seemed satisfactory and his food was delicious. I highly recommend the duck, but I’m not sold on the broth. (You can order the dish dry.)

big bowl of noodle

For dessert, we ordered the mango mousse cake, which was the only available option. It was light and airy, and quite delectable. I also had a Thai iced tea, made perfectly.

I might try Nodus again. Maybe I should stick with the standard Drunken Noodles dish I’m often inclined to order. Maybe they’ll offer larger portions down the road. I wouldn’t rule this place out, but, at the same time, it’s not as if Sunnyside needs another Thai restaurant. (We have Dee, Yum Yum, I Am Thai, Thai Malay, and Sripraphai in Woodside.)

Where are my hamburgers? Where are my cupcakes? I patiently await their arrival. Unlike Nodus, I believe hamburgers and cupcakes could truly spice up this neighborhood.


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