Peter Pan Bakery: Donuts

Light, yet filling, Peter Pan donuts (doughnuts?) are the best I’ve ever had, which doesn’t say much. Born and bred on Dunkin’ Donuts, my palette is unseasoned at best. My dining partner just asked me if I like Krispy Kreme; I cringed. They’re too fatty–nothing like Peter Pan’s. Its small, unassuming shop in Greenpoint has a fast pace. Next time, I’d like to sit down and have a buttered roll and coffee–early, to beat the dirty hipster crowd that populates Peter Pan’s counter late on Sunday mornings.

Peter Pan donuts

strawberry frosted, old-fashioned crueller, red velvet

They look good, don’t they. Believe me, they tasted much better than they look. Of the above three, I think the red velvet was my fave.

sugar jelly, old-fashioned glazed, chocolate cake

I think the chocolate cake was my overall favorite.

You should try Peter Pan doughnut some time. I’ll be certain to get the honey dip next time around.


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