The Dog and Duck, Sunnyside

New establishments crop up all the time in Sunnyside. Some last, others don’t. Basmati Table came and went. Bliss Bistro weathered poorly. But I sincerely hope the Dog and Duck, an Irish gastropub which takes Bliss Bistro’s spot on the corner of Skillman and 46th, sticks around for a bit.

The place was bustling when we entered on Saturday night. Nearly every table was occupied with customers busily chattering over fish and chips or pork bangers and mash. We sat right near the door (a poor choice given the brisk weather), at a table in close proximity to the one beside us. The seating is set up like any economical restaurant in Manhattan: tight and close.

The Dog and Duck’s menu contains favorites, such as Beef Wellington, which I ordered. My dining partnered opted for the ham and leek pie, which was served hot and thoroughly baked in a neat little dish. We ordered beers from their busy bar and scallops wrapped in maple bacon for a starter.

dog and duck's beef wellington

beef wellington

Our appetizer contained three large scallops with pieces of bacon wrapped around their stout midsections. An unidentifiable glaze accompanied them. They were pretty delicious, and at $10, a steal (though my dining partner didn’t think so).

The Beef Wellington, a dish that features a piece of meat covered with pate and wrapped in a pastry shell, was quite delectable. Medium rare on the inside and covered in a tasty pastry, it was pleasing. It was served with red cabbage (divine) and potato au gratin (wonderful). I had never tried Beef Wellington before. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it, but I’d definitely order it again. As one of the most expensive dishes on the menu ($27), it definitely was worth it.

My dining partner’s ham and leek pie was served with french fries that weren’t exactly flavorful, but satisfied the gut nonetheless. My dining partner remarked that the ham tasted more like pork or chicken, an uncured meat unlike ham. Again, I had never seen ham and leek pie on a menu but wouldn’t mind ordering it next time I visit the Dog and Duck.

dog and duck's apple crumble

apple crumble

Our portions were decent, although the woman to my right ordered fish and chips and I noticed that there were only two pieces of fish and a scant array of chips.

For dessert, we ordered apple crumble, and debated the differences among crumble, crisp, and cobbler. (We still don’t know what separates them, do you? UPDATE: Now I do.) The crumble was sugary and ample, and tasted good alongside vanilla and strawberry ice cream. My dining partner decided that the crumble would have been better had it been warmed, and I believe he is correct.

The Dog and Duck is definitely worth traveling for. Its inexpensive menu delights the palate and its cozy interior makes you feel at home. It definitely gives the Kettle, an Irish pub just five blocks east, a run for its money. Now all they need is a website.

The Dog and Duck

45-20 Skillman Avenue

Sunnyside, Queens

Take the 7 to 46th Street and walk north a few blocks. 


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