Curry Point, Sunnyside

What is there to say about yet another Indian restaurant in Queens? When it comes to Curry Point, it’s simple: fast, delicious, cheap, and Halal.

Curry Point is situated on Greenpoint Avenue near 41st Street in Sunnyside. I know, very clever – Curry Point, Greenpoint. A cutting-edge marketing team must make up some of Curry Point’s staff.

Most importantly, the food is good, but how does it measure up to other Indian fare in Sunnyside? My dining partner says Saffron Garden and Curry Point must be compared dish-by-dish. So here we go.

curry point chicken tikka masala

chicken tikka masala

Samosa: Curry Point’s samosa are very-fried triangles of vegetable goodness. A cooling cucumber-flavored sauce contrasts the spicy interior of the samosa. So what about Saffron Garden? Their samosa are, as stated in an earlier review, not-fried tasting, which is nice.

Chicken tikka masala: Saffron Garden has a sweeter, thinner tikka masala sauce than that of Curry Point, but I think I prefer Curry Point’s when compared. I appreciate the sauce’s thickness–it’s almost like a gravy (a distinction we Italian-Americans know how to make)–and the number of chicken pieces was many. Saffron Garden’s portions are, in general, smaller than Curry Point’s.

Chana masala: My dining partner enjoys chana masala. It was less spicy at Saffron Garden, and, consequently, he prefers Curry Point’s rendition.

curry point garlic naan

garlic naan

Naan: This time around, we tried the garlic naan at Curry Point. A giant circular piece of naan was wrapped tightly in aluminum foil. The worker at Curry Point folded it in half so that it’d fit more comfortably in the take-out bag. The garlic-flavored naan featured pieces of garlic embedded in the dough and had a full garlic punch. Very delicious.¬†At Saffron Garden, they present the naan cut into quadrants, which is fine, but I like tearing naan apart (as is the expectation at Curry Point).

I haven’t tried Curry Point’s mango lassi, but I’m sure it measures up to those of Saffron Garden (and Tangra).

If you’re looking for a bang for your buck, Curry Point is it.

Curry Point

41-02 Greenpoint Avenue

Sunnyside, Queens

Take the 7 to 40th Street and walk south then east.



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