Recipe Attempted: French Apple Cobbler

In the mood for peach cobbler, I scoured the local grocery store, in search of ripe peaches. Well, silly me, it’s clearly no longer peach season, so when I finally found them, I wasn’t too surprised to see that these (imported) peaches were about $4 per pound.

So, still angling for a cobbler, I decided on an apple version instead. I selected five perfectly round Granny Smith apples from the grocery store and picked up a box of sugar, and was on my way.

The recipe is fairly straightforward, although I wish they had mentioned up front that the oven needs to be set at 375 (I searched and searched through the recipe to finally find the oven temp.). I chose this recipe, of all the recipes that came up in my Google search, because it treated the apples with cinnamon, flour, water and vanilla–which, I though, would enhance the flavor of the cobbler. And I was right.

french apple cobbler

french apple cobbler

The delicately sliced apples are soft and supple, while the minimal cobbler topping is just enough to thicken out the dessert.




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