Top 9 of 2009: many and few

This has been a memorable year for many reasons. Many of which are bad reasons. But some are good! Very good, I assure you, so I’m sharing a few of them here. And yes, many of them pertain to Taylor Swift.

9. Seeing Revolutionary Road with my mom on New Year’s Day. I was very sick and very depressed. She took care of me. We thought the movie was okay and later each read the book, marking the beginning of my fascination (and identification) with Richard Yates.

8. Friends. Limitless understanding and compassion from so many of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

7. Seeing Taylor Swift in College Park, Pennsylvania. Ten rows from the stage. Yeah. Thank you, Bird.

6. Finishing my MFA. I never thought I wouldn’t. Then again, I never thought I’d get an MFA.

5. Touching Taylor Swift’s hair in West Virginia. She walked by me at a concert, you perv.

4. Kathryn Harrison. Professor, mentor, friend. Where would I be?

3. Friends who did so much for me. Even when they thought they weren’t doing anything at all.

2. Falling in love. Seemingly self-explanatory, yet not.

1. Taylor Swift, whose music offered/offers strength and helped me believe in love when I couldn’t believe in anything. Thank you.

What do I have to look forward to in 2010?

Friends, love, happiness, support, new and improved ukulele videos, Taylor Swift concert on May 15, Taylor Swift reading this blog. You get the picture.

Few reasons to complain. Many reasons to live, love, laugh.

I am grateful.


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