Revised Top 9 of 2009

It has been brought to my attention that “Taylor Swift” was listed (explicitly) in at least three of my top 9 of 2009 yesterday posted on this blog. To some, this may seem unfair. Why am I not on the list when Taylor gets three spots? they’ll rhetorically state, yet earnestly ask.

Here’s a revision.

9. Yeah, my mom on New Year’s Day. Yada yada.

8. Getting my MFA. You know, I still haven’t picked up the diploma…

7. Bird’s ticket buying skillz. Best in the world! Thank you!

6. Zipcar. Oh thank you, Zipcar. Though it is expensive, it helped me many times.

5. Learning the ukulele. It’s nice to have hobbies, and to sing songs by Alex Battles.

4. Taylor Swift. See, she gets number 4: mid-way on the spectrum of obsession. Shows, hair, Fearless. All in just one entry.

3. KH still gets an upper slot.

2. Falling in love. No need to reassess this ranking.

1. Everyone who has offered me support in the past year and years. Thank you. You’ve given me life … even if you aren’t Taylor Swift, who may or may not be implied in this #1 highlight of 2009.

I look forward to 2010 which is certain to be like and unlike this year that’s passing over us like a tidal wave.


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