Yerba Buena Perry

Located on the corner of Perry Street and Greenwich Avenue, Yerba Buena Perry serves up Latin flavors that delight the palate.

yerba buena perry skirt steak

skirt steak with avocado salad

MDP and I tried Yerba Buena Perry for its Restaurant Week menu (which MDP didn’t even order from, but we’ll get to that later). Out of all the available menus on the NYC GO website, Yerba Buena Perry’s looked best to me. As an aside: I really hate Restaurant Week(s) [it’s actually roughly four weeks long] because they never give you a “good” deal. Often times, the restaurant puts subpar dishes on the Restaurant Week menu, and, really, an appetizer and a dessert all for yourself is a bit much.

Anyway, Yerba Buena Perry had a nice beets salad, a skirt steak and two desserts I was eyeing on their menu, so I thought, let’s give it a try.

The beets salad was a plate of greens with hardly any beets to speak of mixed in. There were candied pecans, too, which were also sparsely arrayed. MDP ordered the croquetes de queijo, which were tiny fried cheese balls accompanied by salsa verde–and they were scrumptious!

yerba buena perry Lechon Confitado

lechon confitado

My skirt steak came with a tangy avocado salad and some yucca fries (or tiny balls of yucca occasionally appearing on the plate). The steak was PERFECTLY cooked and the avocado salad was delicious, but don’t get too excited since the skirt steak isn’t on their usual dinner menu. MDP got the lechon confitado, a plate of suckling pig with┬ásunchoke-black truffle puree drizzled on the side of the platter and kale-red chiles to go with it. The pork was excellent and the kale was to-die-for. MDP said that he typically doesn’t like kale because it’s so tough (and I protested that it’s so good for you, who cares what the texture is like), but he actually enjoyed this kale for its tenderness and flavor.

For dessert, MDP and I split the dessert that came with my menu: the cheesecake brownie, which was confusing in that it was cheesecake in the shape of a brownie, but not dense or chewy like a brownie–if you know what I mean. It was rich and came with a random scoop of vanilla ice cream.

One gripe I have about Yerba Buena Perry is the seating arrangement. We had a reservation, which usually means your party will get seated at a prime table (after all, you’ve made a premeditated commitment to the restaurant). We were put beside a gabbing couple of middle-aged women, but not exactly put beside them–put nearly on top of them. Then, I figured they wouldn’t seat anyone to the right of me on the banquet I sat upon, but no, they had to put another table for two in my lap. What was odd about this was that there was a huge center section of the restaurant where nobody was sitting. Why not seat people there?

I probably won’t go back to Yerba Buena Perry because the seating arrangement gave me so much anxiety, but you might want to try it–and bear the tables/chairs situation–during loathsome Restaurant Week because that skirt steak is so damn good.

Yerba Buena Perry

1 Perry Street

Greenwich Village, New York

Take the 1/2/3 to 14th Street. Walk south on 7th Avenue and left onto Greenwich Avenue.



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