What do you say about a place called Bubby’s? Well, it’s well-lit, fairly spacious, and serves up just about the best pancakes New York has to offer. That’s exactly what you say.

bubby's griddle special

griddle special

A newcomer to the hip New York brunch scene, I was tipped off about Bubby’s by a coworker (and the New York Times, which printed an article last week that mentioned the renowned TriBeCa brunch spot). “You must try the pancakes,” my coworker implored.

My Dining Partner (MDP) and I went to Bubby’s this Presidents Day (notice the lack of apostrophe, as it should be) for breakfast/brunch. I figured there would be a crowd, but not as bad as on the weekends. Upon entering, we were greeted and promptly escorted to a nice table for two in the back left corner of the joint.

There were families, tourists, and Wall Street types (who can be spotted a mile away, wearing a suit to a 9:30 breakfast on a national holiday), all cobbled together in this roughly 30-table dining room. We all wanted still or sparkling water–and some tables even got both, as our Wall Street neighbors did–and we all wanted to try Bubby’s incredible coffee. It’s smooth and flavorful, and some of the best joe I’ve had in a long time.

bubby's flaky biscuits

flaky biscuits

For our breakfasts, I ordered the griddle special, which comes with two pancakes (sourdough or sour cream), eggs (any style) and meat (house-cured bacon, chicken apple sausage, scrapple or ham), and MDP got Bubby’s breakfast, comprised of eggs (any style), homefries or grits, toast, fruit and meat (as previously listed). I decided to opt for the sour cream pancakes with perfectly scrambled eggs and their very own house-cured bacon. We also got a side order of the flaky biscuits, which are made with lard, and boy can you tell. They’re flaky and dense, and altogether fantastic.

But, I must take a moment to comment on the pancakes–absolutely divine. The sour cream pancakes are where it’s at. Fluffy and full of flavor, these pancakes delicately absorb all the maple syrup you put on them and they certainly don’t need butter (although I’m guilty of topping my pancakes with some). MDP even commented on the sheer fluffiness of these hot cakes. They’re perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Bubby’s is pretty good and well worth the wait, should you encounter one whenever you decide to go. While it’s a trek from anywhere (unless you live in TriBeCa), treat your visit to Bubby’s as an adventure into a wonderful world of deliciousness.


120 Hudson St. (between North Moore and Franklin)

TriBeCa, New York

Take the 1 to Franklin Street. Walk around the corner. 


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