The Cronut™

MDP got up at 5 am to get me these cronuts. My birthday is Sunday and he’d thought it would be a nice treat for me to have on my “work” birthday, which is today.

It was.

the cronut

the cronut

What can one say about such a unique pastry? Its crisp doughnut-like exterior is rolled in granulated sugar for a sweet bite. And its croissant interior is smooth and silky, perfectly blending with the cream that bursts as you chew. The flavor I was served was coconut. It was faint enough to be unobtrusive, while still supplying the full-bodied taste of a real coconut.

cronut interior

interior shot

The cronut is by far the best pastry I’ve ever had. You should get one. Or find someone who loves you enough to wake up at 5 and make their way down to SoHo to Dominique Ansel’s quaint bakery. I’m a lucky girl!


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