Situated down on Cornelia Street, on a long, lonely block, Palma awaits you. It’s cute, brief exterior belies the wonder found within.

palma mozzarella di bufala insalata

mozzarella di bufala insalata

Palma sells Italian specialties, and you know how I feel about Italian food from Italian restaurants. That is, I typically do not like it. But Palma is the rare exception to the rule, so I implore you: go to Palma.

My Lady Dining Partner (MLDP) and I walked into Palma to find a crowded interior with people bustling around a small bar. We were seated at a table for two in close proximity to both the window and the tables around us. MLDP squeezed her pregnant body into the chair and we were at last comfortable in our own little world.

We ordered the mozzarella di bufala insalata, which was served with olive-oil drizzled arugula and hearty slices of tomato. I have never had such good mozzarella. It was creamy and dense, and altogether fantastic. On the specials list—and I get the feeling this is a daily special—there was a burrata option, which tempted us, but we ultimately chose the mozzarella on the menu. You won’t be disappointed if you opt for this.

palma pappardelle dish

pappardelle dish

For our entrees, we both ordered pasta dishes off the regular menu. I got the pappardelle allo spezzatino d’Agnello—a long name for a fine dish, which contained long, wide ribbons of pasta with slow-cooked lamb, tomatoes, and kalamata olives thrown in. The salty flavor of the olives nicely complemented the richness of the lamb. It was incredible. MLDP ordered the fettuccine ai funghi, which had the most delicious mushrooms I have ever eaten. They were tender and rich with flavor. I only took a bite of her mushroom pate, but the pasta itself—which must be homemade, to be so glorious—looked amazing.

We passed on dessert, although Palma has a few Italian delicacies on their sweets menu, such as a bufala ricotta cheesecake. It must be heavenly.

I can’t wait to go back to Palma, and I think you should go, too. I highly recommend the pasta, and am certain the secondi dishes live up to Palma’s pledge for well-crafted food.


28 Cornelia Street

West Village, New York

Take the A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th Street and walk around the corner to Cornelia Street.


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