Junior’s: Deep in the tourist trap

No, this review is not about the Junior’s on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. We tried the Junior’s in Times Square, fitted with ample outdoor/indoor seating that is constantly filled.

Why would a New Yorker go to such a place? I’m almost certain we were the only non-tourists in our section, if not the entire restaurant.

Well, there’s the famed cheesecake. Then, there are the steakburgers. And there’s something called Something Different which piqued our interest. So, Junior’s on a Friday night during pre-dinner-eating-time it was. We thought we’d try a nearby bar afterward but were too stuffed to move, let alone imbibe.

After waiting for about five minutes for our table, we sat down. Our waiter ambled up to us about five minutes later, when we were both ready to provide drink and dinner orders. (Stellas for each, which came with a water glass, not a stein or beer glass. Tourists are indiscriminate, I suppose.)

junior's steakburger

junior's steakburger

It seemed like less than 10 minutes had gone by before our food came out.

I ordered the steakburger with cheese, which was melted onto the lower half of the bun. It was accompanied by raw onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, my favorite burger condiment. On the side, they served me steak fries and “crazy” doughy onion rings, which were extremely filling. The burger itself was fantastic. I highly recommend it. The meat was moist and grilled to perfection. The mayo nicely accented the char of the burger’s exterior. I was in heaven. (And violated my one-burger-per-week rule–it was worth it. I’ll lay off the burgers next week.)

something different at junior's

something different

My dining partner ordered Something Different, a potato-pancake-and-brisket sandwich with Au Jus and applesauce on the side. The potato pancakes were dense and delightful, warmly paired with the flavorful brisket, the highlight of the dish. The brisket was thinly sliced and evenly cooked–just the way it should be. I didn’t try the applesauce but MDP seemed to enjoy it.

Any meal at Junior’s could not be complete without having a slice of their famous cheesecake. The menu listed several selections to choose from, fresh strawberries with cheese pie among them. What exactly is cheese pie? Is this a flatter, less dense version of cheesecake? I don’t want to know.

We opted for the cheesecake with cherries–a classic. It was creamy and decadent, and perfect.

junior's cherry cheesecake

junior's cherry cheesecake

Next to Junior’s restaurant is a Junior’s bakery where patrons can eat-in or take-out pieces of cheesecake. You might want to try this if the restaurant feels too overwhelming.




Junior’s (Times Square)

West 45th Street between 8th Avenue and Broadway

New York, NY


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